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Credit Card

How do I change my credit cards info - to - If you pay for your subscription with a credit card, simply send us an email at  and we’ll send you a link that you can use to update your credit card information.


If you pay with PayPal, then you need to sign into PayPal and update your payment information there.

Send us an email at [email protected] and include your old email address and your new email address. 

We'd be sad to see you, go but all you need to do to cancel your membership is send an email requesting cancellation to [email protected]at least 48 hours before your renewal is due to be drafted, and we'll be happy to take care of that for you.

Meet Team Simplify

Having a team is what makes this membership so wonderful! You'll receive support from a team who are as knowledgeable about the courses and our members as Barbara is. Each team member comes with their own experience/expertise and having different perspectives helps everyone to grow.


Barbara Fuller

  • I currently live in Saint George, Utah but you can find me traveling all over the world.
  • My hobbies include anything outside - running, hiking, biking, camping.
  • Favorite things: Going to hot yoga, reading a great book, hanging out with my family (my husband Drew and two kids: Malia and Lewis).

Katelyn Kessler

  • I currently live in Charlotte, NC but a fun fact about me is that I have lived in 2 countries, 7 states, 9 cities, and over 20 houses. I also speak fluent Spanish.
  • My hobbies include hanging out with my husband and 2 sons, playing soccer, doing CrossFit, and going to the movies.
  • Favorite things: Peanut butter m&ms, Mexican Food, the beach, and traveling.

Katelyn is our marketing manager and also oversees all of our design work. Most of the emails you get, social media and community posts you see, website pages you visit, PDF's you download, slides and images in the lesson videos are from Katelyn's amazing creative mind!

Karen Mattox

  • I currently live in Kissimmee, Florida. I'm originally from Oklahoma, but have also lived in Texas, Virginia and Tennessee.
  • My hobbies include reading, embroidery, cross-stitch, movies, walking, and bicycling.
  • Favorite things:  Anything having to do with my husband and two daughters, living a simplified lifestyle and helping others to do the same, and dark chocolate.

Karen was originally a founding member at Simplify Days and made such amazing accomplishments that we recruited her to this crew. Karen helps develop membership content and with supporting members in Our Community.

Chris Conover

  • I currently live in South Carolina but have done a lot of moving, getting to see different parts of our beautiful country, as well as others. I've actually moved 18 times.
  • My hobbies include walking and working out, reading, baking, and hanging out with my hubby, my super fun grown kids, and my 2 awesome grandsons!
  • Favorite things: A really good book, the beach, pretty much anything chocolate, and my family.

Chris is our customer success manager. She oversees all incoming emails, member accounts, anniversaries, surprises, company branding and a whole lot more! Her caring nature and contagious smile are just a couple of things that make her the perfect fit!

Donna Jensen

  • I currently live in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  I grew up in Kentucky, but I've also lived in Maryland, Georgia, and California.
  • My main hobby is collecting hobbies, which include reading, paper crafts, sewing, knitting, weaving, and attempting to spin my own yarn from wool.
  • Favorite things: Traveling with my husband, spending time with our two grown children, and anything chocolate or coffee-flavored.

Donna is a helpful and encouraging long-term member.  Her sense of humor and willingness to jump in and help have endeared her to us and we are thrilled to have her as part of Team Simplify. Donna helps develop membership and legacy content and supporting members in Our Community.

Erin McConnell

  • I currently live in Indian Land, South Carolina and have lived within 30 minutes of this area my entire life. I have three little boys.
  • My hobbies are hanging out with my family, traveling, doing CrossFit, and crafting.
  • Favorite things: candy (all kinds), traveling, cheerleading, and my family.

Your Badges and Stars get shipped straight from Erin's home, she oversees delivery on giveaway winners, helps Katelyn with marketing, and helps Chris with customer success. Her "can-do" attitude is such a wonderful part of her character! 


Meet Our Member Success Team

They're here to cheer you on and to make sure each success is celebrated! Celebrating your wins, big or small, along your journey, is very important for continuing to move forward. Each team member comes with their own experience/expertise and having different perspectives helps everyone to grow.

Melinda Bernhard

  • I currently live in Geneva, IL and have been married for 36 years to my best friend, and we are blessed with 6 children and 3 grandchildren so far. We have always lived in the Chicago suburbs. I work part time as a Registered Nurse and in Adult Formation at my home parish.
  • My hobbies include technology, going digital (!), photography, organizing, reading, and sewing.
  • Favorite things: Family time is most precious to me. Staying connected with family and friends over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine makes me happy. I also enjoy camping, hiking, cooking, taking long walks with my husband (& our Cockapoo, Bosco) and being outdoors. I've been blessed to travel around the US as well as to Ireland, France, the Holy Land and Rome.

Melinda is a kind and gracious long-term member. Her willingness to help other members and reach out to them in a loving way has made her dear to our hearts and we are thrilled to have her as part of our Member Success Team. You will see her in Our Community!

Lucie Bourbonnais

  • I currently live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I have lived in 5 different provinces (QC, MB, NB, BC, ON) and travelled from coast to coast. Visited many states, as well some countries: Germany, Dominican Republic, Barbados and India. My first language is French Canadian.
  • My hobbies revolve around organizing and creating new systems, whenever needed, just for the fun of it! Nature walks, snowshoeing, hiking, Swedish weaving, camping, watching good old police investigation shows, Taichi, cycling, cooking: playing with colours, spices and different cuisines. I would like to explore the world of photography again.
  • Favorite things: I am always looking forward to spending time with my husband and sons either by having a chat, joking around, cooking, camping or hiking together. I love seeing people realize their potential. Witnessing people achieve any kind of success, big or small, makes me truly happy. Laughing. Camping: the simplified way! Having meaningful conversations. Listening to beautiful music.

Lucie is an upbeat and enthusiastic member who is always willing to reach out and encourage other members. Her enthusiasm for simplifying is inspiring and we are thrilled to have her as part of our Member Success Team. You will see her in Our Community!

Lynn Munson

  • I currently live in a suburb that is just outside St. Paul, Minnesota—in walking distance from three lakes.
  • My hobbies include walking and biking around those lakes and kayaking on them as well. In the winter I am at the gym a lot—I love to lift weights. So, I am fairly active, but when I finally do sit down, I like to read, play piano or crochet.
  • Favorite things: My family! Not just my husband, two sons and future daughter-in-law, but also my siblings, my nephews and nieces, their kids—I just feel so grateful to be part of a big family!

Lynn is an encouraging and thoughtful member who is always ready to reach out and help other members. Her willingness to jump in and help has endeared her to us and we are thrilled to have her as part of our Member Success Team. You will see her in Our Community!

Meet Our Virtual Assistant

There's a lot that goes into running Simplify Days and an assistant helps with a range of various tasks and projects throughout the week.

Elizabeth Robinson

  • I currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. My Mom was a flight attendant which provided our family the unique opportunity to explore a variety of places all over the world.
  • My hobbies include dance parties with my sweet family, Krav Mama, Ju-Jitsu, and trying new things.
  • Favorite Things: My family, dogs, York Peppermint patties, sunshine, and quiet time.

Elizabeth is always ready for whatever comes her way! If you follow us on social media, Elizabeth responds to most of the comments there. She also helps with recording and sending personal videos to new members and helping out in a variety of ways.


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